Employer Spotlight: Flex Media

Flex Media Logo.jpg

Flex Media provides creative content with strategy in mind. Through video production, graphic design, copy editing, digital marketing and more, it equips Cleveland organizations and businesses with the content and strategy they need to see ROI and to grow.  

Growing up as a kid in Cleveland, Ohio, Flex Media’s founder Bill Baraona was always fascinated by movies and special effects. While pursuing video production in college, Bill met his wife Jackie, who specializes in graphic design. Having gained skills working for other companies, and seeing opportunities to do more for clients, Jackie and Bill built on their passion for creative content to start Flex Media.
Flex Media was founded by young professionals and its entire team are YPs. Cleveland is a great place for entrepreneurs and creative media and marketing professionals. Flex Media knows that Young Professionals have the flexibility, curiosity and drive to adapt to an evolving company and constantly changing media market.


As Flex Media grows, opportunities for media and marketing professionals arises. Working for Flex Media provides YPs the opportunity to learn new skills while also teaching others in areas they are more familiar with. YPs have the ability to directly contribute to the company’s growth. With each project, YPs are able to learn more about local Cleveland businesses and feel good about helping them succeed. An informal office environment and the option to work remotely and attending networking events are also company perks YPs.

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