11 Things to Know and Expect from Generation Z

11 Things to Know and Expect from Generation Z They’re social, educated, digital natives—and they are just entering the workforce. Here are 11 things to know about the next generation you’ll be sharing office space with.

By Ashley Basile Oeken

Have you heard of them yet? The newbies on the block. The newest generation to enter the workforce. Generation Z.

Generation Z is identified as individuals born after 1995, making them 23 years old or younger today. They are just entering the workforce and are vastly different than generations that have come before them. They are described as being optimistic with high expectations. They grew up in a generation where the Internet, laptops and everything else has been at their fingertips. New things that have come out with this generation include apps, social games and tablets.

So, who are they are what might define them? I think it is important to note that like any prior generation, not every member of this generation will fit into the stereotype that is being created for it. However, I’ll share some of what the data is showing from places such as Forbes and the Huffington Post.

Data point No. 1: They are a social generation. They spend a lot of time socializing with friends and family each day.

Data point No. 2: They are multi-taskers. They thrive off utilizing multiple screens and devices to accomplish their work.

Data point No. 3: They have an entrepreneurial spirit. Nearly 75% of them want to start their own businesses one day.

Data point No. 4: They are educated. They want to constantly learn and 50% will have a college education.

Data point No. 5: They want to do good. They are philanthropists at heart.

Data point No. 6: They are the first true natives to the digital era. Thus, they spend more than 15 hours a week on their smartphones.

Data point No. 7: They want to interact with people. They enjoy face-to-face conversations despite being so digital.

Data point No. 8: They are tech-savvy. They depend less on books and information from advisors and instead use the internet to answer any questions that might arise.

Data point No. 9: They lack focus. Their attention span is 8 seconds long requiring constant stimulation.

Data point No. 10: They are cautious. They spend less and save more as a result of growing up during the Great Recession.

Data point No. 11: They have been connected since birth. Some 40% state that they are fully addicted to their smart devices.

Ashley Basile Oeken is president of Engage! Cleveland, a nonprofit whose mission is to attract, engage and retain young, diverse talent to the Greater Cleveland area.